Vaults and Strongrooms

Vaults are are normally designed and built for organizations such as banks, money exchange houses, financial institutions, jewellers and others who need to protect their assets in large volumes.

These can be fairly large rooms and they may be cast in situ - which means they are built from the ground up from scratch with concrete walls which are usually reinforced with extra steel in addition to the structural

The additional steel forces a burglar to change tools thus delaying the process of someone trying to make a hole in the wall.

One can also purchase pre-fabricated or modular rooms which are available in various different sizes and grades of strength with doors to match the strength of the walls.


European Grades for burglary protection range from Grade 0 to Grade 13. The higher the Grade, the stronger the product. Safes are usually tested and certified from Grade 0 to Grade 6. It's the Prefab Strongrooms and doors that go up to Grade 13.

The doors with lower Grades are usually used for archives and book-rooms and the higher grades are used in strongrooms for protection of cash, valuables and other assets.

You can see more information here about American Standards (UL)

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