Residential Security Container

Residential Security Containers (RSC)

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tests and certifies some chests and safes as "Residential Security Containers" if they meet the required criteria as mentioned below.

This category covers residential security containers which are secured by means of a combination lock and designed to offer limited protection against unauthorized entry with the use of common hand tools.

Attack tests may be conducted against the entire unit.

REQUIREMENTS The basic standard used to investigate products in this category is ANSI/UL 1037, "Antitheft Alarms and Devices."

The Security Listing Mark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. on the product is the only method provided by UL to identify products manufactured under its Listing and Follow-Up Service. The Security Listing Mark for these products includes the UL symbol with the word "SECURITY" above the UL symbol and the word "LISTED" below the UL symbol (as illustrated in the Introduction of the UL Directory), a control number, and the product name "Residential Security Container," or other appropriate product name as shown in the individual Listings.

UL, in performing its functions in accordance with its objectives, does not assume or undertake to discharge any responsibility of the manufacturer or any other party. UL shall not incur any obligation or liability for any loss, expense or damages, including incidental or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use, interpretation of, or reliance upon this Guide Information.

Courtesy of Underwriters Laboratories. Security Containers, Residential Last Updated on 2007-07-02

Residential storage containers are able to withstand five minutes of consistent prying, drilling, punching, hammering and tampering attacks by the UL technicians. The steel-constructed doors measure between 10 to 12 gauge in thickness.

10 gauge = 9/64" or 0.140625" or 3.571875 mm.
12 gauge = 7/64" or 0.109375" or 2.778125 mm.

Please Note: The higher the gauge number, the thinner the steel.

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