There are several different types of Deposit-Safes or Depository safes also known as Drop Safes, Night Safes, Night Deposit Safes and so on.

The most common deposit-safes have a slot (for dropping envelopes or documents), a drawer (which may or may not have a lock) and some have a rotary trap. Almost all of them have some kind of device to prevent unauthorized persons from trying to fish stuff from the safe. The slot and the drawer types have a steel flap which prevents materials from being fished out of the safe. If the drawer has a lock then of course fishing is out of the question.

Grade 4 Deposit Safe

The rotary trap is an ingenious device as it is impossible to remove anything out of the safe by fishing.

These deposit safes enable the staff of a store or a company to take the cash from cash register or the point of sale and make deposits during the day as the amount of cash builds up to higher levels. Thus in the unfortunate event of a hold up or robbery, only the cash in the till would be at risk.
Deposit safes are manufactured in different grades of strength to provide protection depending on the application.

Locking: The safes are usually secured by means of one or two keylocks or a keylock and a combination lock or electronic lock.

True Night Deposit Safes are usually installed by banks and/or other financial institutions to allow their customers to deposit cash after the bank has closed for the day.

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