GunSafes For Safety and Security

It is very important to keep guns and ammunition always under lock and key and gunsafes play a vital role to help prevent accidents and unauthorized use of firearms and to keep them unaccessible to children in the family.

A gunsafe may be secured (locked) by means of one (or two) keylocks, a combination lock or an electronic digital lock.

The advantages and disadvantages of each type of lock are as follows:

1. Keylock
The safe can be easily opened and closed if it is secured by a keylock. However one has to always keep the key in a safe place and make sure that the key is not found by members of the family or other persons whom you do not want to have access to your guns.

2. 3-Wheel Combination Lock
If the gunsafe is secured by means of a 3-wheel combination lock then this type of lock definitely requires more time to open it because the dial has to be turned clockwise and counter-clockwise at least four times. And this time delay could be crucial in an emergency situation.

3. Electronic Digital Lock
If the safe is secured by means of an electronic digital lock, then there is no need to safeguard keys from unauthorized hands as the code would be in one's memory and the safe can be easily opened by entering a 4 to 6-digit code on the keypad. No fuss, no muss.

As these types of electronic locks are powered by AA cells or a 9-volt battery, all we have to do is ensure that the batteries provide adequate power at all times. Most locks will emit a beep when the battery power is running low and the batteries need to be replaced.

Here you can see a Sentry Gunsafe secured by means of an Electronic Lock - and also check out other safes and accessories

Some gunsafes are fire-resisting and some are not. Some may be certified by Underwriters Laboratories as RSC or a Residential Security Container.

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