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Although burglar-resistant safes also provide protection against fire, fire-resistant safes do not necessarily provide protection against burglary.

Fire-resistant safes are constructed by using two layers of thin sheets of steel. The space between the two thin sheets is filled with insulating material which provides protection against fire.

Why thin sheets of steel? Because metal is a good conductor of heat and we need to keep the absorption and transfer of heat down to the minimum in order to prevent the heat from reaching the interior of the safe. The less metal used, the less heat it will absorb.

While this is good for protecting the contents against fire, the thin sheets of steel and the soft insulation are no match against an electric drill machine, a crowbar or tire iron in the hands of a burglar. It is relatively easier to break into a fire-resistant safe than a burglar-resistant safe.

In contrast, burglar-resistant safes are made of much thicker steel and filled with proprietary barrier material which provides protection against drilling, cutting and other forms of attack.

Actually, the term "fireproof" is a mis-nomer because none of the safes are absolutely proof against fire for an indefinite period. The safes are designed and manufactured to provide protection for one or two hours (the most common) and three or four hours (less common).

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